Plate heat exchanger maintenanceOur service staff has more decade’s experience in Plate Heat Exchanger Service. Breakdown eliminating on-site. We can repair your leaking PHE on site with short deadlines. Plate Heat Exchanger Preventive maintenance, reconditioning of your PHE We offer preventive maintenance on your PHE. Dismantling the unit on site by hydraulic tools, we bring plate pack to our well equipped service workshop. After removing old gaskets, we put plates into acid and lye baths for loosing sediment. We use chemicals which not attack the plates. Than we clean the plates by high pressure water. Plates are checked for crackings and hole-corrosion by penetrant test. We check all plates visually as well, repair deformed ones. Than we put new gaskets on. For glued types, we use 3M adhesives, and during glue binding we put plate pack into our press achieving better bond strength. We bring reconditioned plate pack back to your factory. After cleaning frame, greasing carriing bar and bolts, we assembly your unit and after pressure test we take over for production.

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